Monday, October 13, 2008

Jobs for 14 year olds

There are lot of jobs for 14 year olds depending upon the region teens live in. Teens can sell their old toys and books and earn some money. I would like to teach teens to earn money on net by an automated business running of its own.

What they have to do is to write some information they are master in and convert it into a PDF document with the help of some software and present this information product in shape of an e-book to the people who are interested for a price as deemed fit by the teens. E-books are easy to create and does not involve any cost. Next teens are supposed to set up a website design it beautifully and write a sales page to sell this e-book. They are required to put a trusted payment processor on their websites through which they can receive payments from the customers who will buy the e-book.

It is an automated business and no special work is required to make money from this business. The biggest advantage of this business is that teens can devote full time to their studies because this business runs of its own without continous efforts on the part of teens. It is an easy and most effective way for teens to make money.

But one thing i would like to mention here is that teens require to learn basics of this business to get a guaranteed internet income. Indeed setting up this money require some money but lifelong profit again and again.

Teens can also make money from some internet jobs provided the job is not a scam. Remember 99% home internet jobs are scams and one should never pay any upfront fee to start an internet job.

Jobs for 14 year olds also include jobs like tutors, babysitting jobs, lifeguards, restaurant jobs like McDonald, weeding jobs, recycling jobs, grocery bagger jobs, walk dog jobs, paperboy jobs, selling Icecream jobs, busboy jobs etc. etc. depending upon the location teens live in. Teens must place an ad in the neighbourhood to get a job.

Teens can also deliver newspapers, work in retail store, movie theater, amusement park, gasoline service stations or work as Camp counselor to earn money by working as part time.

I strongly suggest all teens and newbies to read my e-course on how to start an internet business with success far better than all jobs for 14 year olds!

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