Sunday, August 31, 2008

Legitimate home based business

Many people in the world try to make money online and start their internet business but majority of them fail because they give up too early or do not have basic skills to run an internet business. This post is for newbies to learn how to start an Internet business with success turning computer into a cash machine.

1-Conduct some research and see which product has a market on net that choose a niche product. In this initial stage most of people go wrong and choose a product without knowing whether it has a market or not.

2-Choose a good and professional domain name and a paid hosting to host your website.

3-Set up your professionally designed website with easy site navigation features. Make your site interactive, attractive, engaging and motivating and also resolution & browser friendly.Test whether all the links are working properly or not after you upload the site to the server.Make the necessary changes.

4-Write convincing sales page using gramatically correct professional language. Check the spellings meticulously. Create some sort of urgency in the sales copy to force visitors to make purchases.

5- Keep easy and all payment options to receive payment from the customers. Integrate a trustworthy payment processor into your website to accept credit cards. Businesses on net not accepting credit cards do not flourish much.

6- Offer 90 days money back guarantee and be honest here. If someone is not satisfied, return his money and allow him to keep the product and bonuses as well if it was a digital delivery.

7-Use high quality graphics on your website to turn your visitors into customers generating profits.

8- Check download time of your website to make it least. Your site should open in 10-20 seconds or else your visitor may go somewhere else.

9-Ensure your site is search engine optimized to drive laser targeted traffic from search engines.

10-Use all the marketing methods to get traffic like ad word campaign, forum marketing,article marketing, paid ads, high traffic free classifieds ,press releases, blog marketing, RSS marketing, e-mail marketing, social book marking sites etc.Do not go for FFA pages, ad blasters and safe lists as these are useless traffic building techniques and definitely time wastage.

11- Offer quality product or services and never deceive anyone online thereby building your credibility.

12- Put an auto responder to use to send follow up massages to the subscribers in your list. Capture e-mails from your landing page (which must be designed very carefully and professionally) to give out some quality information or product.

13-Do not indulge in spamming.You may be penalised.

14- Never go for purchasing an opt-in e-mail list which is never opt-in and you will be labelled as spammer and most probably put in trouble.Instead build your own list of subscribers who willingly give out their e-mail ID's for some information or service.

15- Give a quality free product from your site to your site visitors as thank you to visit your site.

16-Offer the quality bonuses with the main product you sell.

17- Make your site informative.People want quality information and If you provide it why they may go somewhere else leaving your site. Keep them engaged and elucidate them how you are Number 1 on net in the product or services you provide.

18-Promote, promote, and promote your website till you start earning profits and never give up your website promotion efforts.If one marketing method fails, test another one and so on and so forth. Something will certainly work for you.

And much more. . .

If you do whatsoever I instruct, you will become a successful internet marketer provided you work very hard on daily basis scheduled as per the legitimate home based business needs and keep patience, seriousness and interest in the business.

Read A-Z detailed instructions as how to start your own legitimate home based internet business: Internet Business.html

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